Meeting Submission Requirements

Please note that it takes 14 business days for us to approve your meeting application submissions. However, we encourage you to submit 45 days prior to the event so you can take advantage of the “30 days in advance” meeting alert. We have found that the automated meeting email reminders significantly increase membership attendance. These can be queued to be sent 30 days, 7 days, 3 days and 1 day prior to the event. They will not go out unless scheduled and approved before those deadlines. It can be difficult sometimes getting a speaker committed a month ahead of time, but even if the speaker has loosely committed, you can submit the application and receive approval. You can make changes to the approval by editing your event. Normally, applications are approved much quicker than the 14 days (except at the new year and around September during updates). Doing this can remove the anxiety of watching your ‘Pending’ event turn to ‘Approved’!
Valerie Jones, AAPC CEU Vendor Team Lead

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