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Message from the AAPCCA Chair

We’re well into the New Year – where did January go? It’s March already, the end of the first quarter and what is fast approaching? You guessed it – MAY MAYnia! It’s a special time of year for our local chapters to show off and teach others what we’re about! What is it all about, you ask?
It’s about learning, networking and making new friends! May MAYnia is the time when we want our local chapters to shine. I hope you and your officers are planning for a door-buster event, making plans and reaching out. This meeting allows you to showcase your chapter, so others can see what you offer and the benefits of not only being an AAPC member, but attending and participating in meetings and events.
Spring is traditionally a season of rebirth and growth. This is also when we want our chapters to grow.  How does that happen? Here are a few ideas other chapters have used:

  • Invite students from local colleges, business and technical schools
    • Consider recognizing those preparing to graduate from their programs
  • Reach out to members who have not attended a meeting in several months
  • Promote your event with your local medical community via flyers, personal visits and emails – it always surprises me to learn there are medical business professionals who don’t know who we are
  • Extend your meeting by an hour or two with a special guest speaker and consider including a meal
  • Make it a picnic! Hold your meeting at a local park, invite member families, and fire up the grill. Organize games for the kiddos and coding crosswords, word finders, fill in the blank, and Scattergory type games for the adults. Anatomy scavenger hunt is a favorite!
  • Showcase your chapter by creating a tri-fold display showing your officers (with a brief bio) – or maybe baby pictures to match? List those who serve in our communities as police, firefighters and first responders as well as those serving in the military – it’s a great opportunity to honor them and their contributions.

Regardless of what you decide to do to celebrate your chapter and its members, make it a special meeting. It will draw mostly absent members and potential members once they see what great offerings you have for them.
If you’re a baseball fan like our family is (Go, Cardinals!), play it like Jack Buck did. He was the voice of the Cardinals for many years and was well known for his enthusiastic “Go crazy, folks, go crazy!”
Write and tell us how YOUR chapter celebrates May MAYnia – and send pictures! We would love to feature your stories.
Linda Martien, PCP, COC, CPMA, AAPC Fellow
Chair, AAPC Chapter Association Board of Directors 2017-2018

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