Time for Our Checkup!

Time for Our Checkup!

Be honest; let us know what’s working and what needs fixing.

Statistics show that preventive healthcare exams save lives and increase life expectancy. Even though the patient sometimes schedules and shows up at these appointments begrudgingly, nobody who works in this industry should need to be convinced of the importance of an annual checkup.

AAPC feels the same way about administrative evaluations. We need to have our collective pulse taken regularly to determine what’s working well and what needs improvement. As healthcare evolves, so too does our membership. As we continually expand to offer new services and products in a variety of related fields, our membership becomes more diversified, as well. These changes provide great opportunities for everyone.

We Want to Hear from You

We recently launched a membership survey. Participation is open online at www.aapc.com/checkup through the end of March.

In 10 minutes, you can share with us your thoughts about member benefits, certification, continuing education units (CEUs), apprentice designations, customer service, social media, local chapters, live educational events, online courses, and AAPC in general. You will also get an indication of the kinds of forthcoming projects AAPC is considering or embracing.

What We Learned Last Time

Here are a few highlights about our respondents from the last time you helped us conduct research:

  • 30 percent were AAPC members for more than six years. Another 34 percent were members three to six years.
  • 64 percent held one AAPC credential. The remainder were evenly split between being non-certified or holding multiple AAPC credentials.
  • Females accounted for 91 percent of the responses.
  • 44 percent indicated coding was their primary job responsibility.
  • In rating work challenges, the top three were:
  • Obtaining management skills
  • Getting definitive coding answers
  • Learning advanced coding skills

Props to Our Customer Service Representatives

We appreciate feedback from members about their experiences with AAPC’s customer service; we especially love receiving props! Here’s what a few members said recently about their customer service experiences:

“John was very helpful and patient with me. I appreciated his kind customer service. Keep up the great work John!!!”

“Lori was very helpful and answered all my questions. I had questions removing the ‘A’ status and emailed her the required information. She addressed and processed it by the end of the day to my surprise.”

John and Lori receive special recognition regularly; they’ve both been here 15-plus years! These two pioneers of our Customer Service Department know a staggering amount of information about AAPC past and present.

With regards to apprentice removal, keep in mind that letters of recommendation must:

  • Show proof of relevant on-the-job experience, and specify for how long
  • Be on company letterhead and signed
  • Include at least one letter from an employer

Apprentice removal can also be accomplished through a combination of experience and education or our digital experience tool, Practicode (www.aapc.com/practicode/).

“[Jennifer] corrected several errors on my account … she is AWESOME!”

Our representatives often request that you verify contact information to ensure our records are up to date. You can check your account details regularly by logging into www.aapc.com, hovering your mouse pointer over “My AAPC” in the upper right corner, and clicking on “Profile/Preferences.”

To nominate an AAPC employee for excellent service you received, send an email to thanks@aapc.com.

Tools to Tackle Work Challenges

With regards to the work challenges, AAPC heard you and has created resources to assist. We now have a Professional Development Course Library, which you can subscribe to for one year when you renew your membership (or by calling us at 800-626-2633 and ordering separately). This library contains more than 180 online courses, most of which are specifically designed to teach leadership and management techniques. The catalog of courses includes coaching a workplace team to perform better, communicating effectively, improving presentation skills, understanding body language, quick tips for leaders, and many others.

Tap into AAPC Experts

We now offer “Ask an AAPC Expert,” where our seasoned professionals reply to your tough coding, billing, auditing, practice management, or compliance questions in one to two business days. We’ve also updated our free member discussion forums to ensure their usefulness.

We Cater to Your Needs

We continually improve upon our webinars, conference sessions, and other educational offerings to focus on specialty-specific subjects and provide advanced training for those who seek it. At HEALTHCON next month, we’re launching a new pre-conference event: the Lean Six Sigma White Belt program.

We develop our future based on your valuable input. This is your membership organization. after all; you have a say in the direction we go. Please share your opinion at www.aapc.com/checkup.

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