Tips for marketing your May MAYnia event…

  • If you have not scheduled your May meeting, you should submit for approval immediately, giving your members time to plan and invite a guest.
  • Provide superior education for your May meeting; think outside the box. Look for a respected professional in your community as your speaker. This is always a good draw.
  • Invite any NAB or AAPCCA board members living in your community to attend your meeting. They are a powerful resource for answering questions about AAPC, and members are always excited to hear about what is going on at AAPC via a national representative!
  • Market your event by taking flyers to surrounding healthcare facilities, along with a personal invitation to attend your meeting. Ask if you can add your flyer to their human resources bulletin board.
  • If you have a free community newspaper, submit an article about your chapter. Include your meeting date and title. Inform them about the discounts and prizes being given away.
  • Post the date and the location on your local chapter Facebook page.
  • To add some fun, try decorating, using the “Spring to your Local Chapter” theme.
  • Use fresh flowers or potted plants that could be given away as door prizes
  • Bring in a fake tree and put every member’s name on a flower and attach to the tree.
    • Take a few minutes to talk about “Member Centricity”.
    • Get everyone involved in reactivating those members that have not attended for a long time.
  • Door prizes could be gardening tools, seeds, potted spring flowers or gift certificates to a garden nursery.
  • Serve cupcakes or cookies decorated as flowers for refreshments along with a punch bowl filled with citrus water and ice, sliced oranges, lemons and limes. This is very refreshing with a sprig of fresh mint.
  • May MAYnia is truly a celebration of members. Make sure they feel welcome; let them know how important each member is to the success of your chapter.
  • Finally, make sure your event is FUN! You’ll be giving out the May MAYnia FREEBIES and GIVEAWAYS from AAPC.

All freebies and giveaways are mailed to the chapter president. Please go online to and ensure your correct address is on file; you won’t want to miss out! Freebies are only shipped if you have a May meeting planned, approved for CEUs and showing online.

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