AAPC Exams Have a New ADA Online Process!

Some of you have already held ADA approved exams this year. If you have, you may have noticed that when the exam is scheduled, the first proctor receives the following information:

  • The date the examinee is scheduled
  • The type of ADA accommodations that have been approved
  • A list of all approved accommodations
  • A notice of cancellation if the examinee cancels, and an email letting the chapter know of the cancellation

We have included a copy of the email that goes out to the first proctor for your review:

Dear Name of First Proctor,

We would like to inform you that Name of ADA Examinee has submitted the appropriate documentation and been approved for the following ADA accommodation(s).

Additional Time:  One additional hour
Additional Room: If one is available
Large font booklet: CPC
Mark answers in booklet: Seal the grid inside the booklet and return in the envelope with other grids
Seated away from others:

As usual please ensure that two proctors are present on May 04, 2018 for the entire length of the exam 92005-E181063.

We appreciate your willingness to partnership with AAPC and proctor these exams. We are grateful for all that you do to assist these members in obtaining their goals.

Thank you,

AAPC ADA Approval Committee

5 Responses to “AAPC Exams Have a New ADA Online Process!”

  1. Elizabeth Crean says:

    I have been just diagnosed with anxiety and
    Depression and I’m scheduled for July 28
    For the cpc exam. My doctor wants me to have
    Extra time to take test.
    Please let me extend my time and date

  2. Brad Ericson says:

    Hi Elizabeth,

    Please go to this web page:


  3. Ariel Diaz-Nanasca says:

    Hi Marti,

    This is very helpful information. I am going to need to use this form for my CPC exam and I really appreciate you making this post.
    That being said, it was VERY difficult to find this information. I could not find this post by using the AAPC website. I had to use google search using “aapc ada test accommodations” and this post was only the 3rd hit on Google. The first two hits were the 2016 and the 2014 ADA accommodations form. I must say that this does not make it easy at all to find the information needed. This needs to be remedied.

  4. Josephine C. Mendoza-Nunez says:

    The AAPC ada form does not meet HIPPA Requirements for release of Medical Information. My doctor will not release my medical diagnosis or evaluation without proper documentation. where can i find this?

  5. terri says:

    My dr said same thing can not put my medical diagnosis.

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