Chapter Facebook Pages or Groups

Local chapter Facebook groups have been all the buzz lately! We have received many inquiries! Some of the most frequently asked questions are:

  • Can we have our own local chapter Facebook page or group?
  • Yes! We are in the process of creating Facebook groups for each chapter. Some of you may already have a Facebook group. However, your group will not be connected with the new My AAPC mobile app. The group we will be creating for you will be connected to the app.
  • Who should be the administrator of our local chapter Facebook group?
    • Once we deliver your chapter’s new Facebook to you, we encourage you to assign a social media savvy member to help post information. A representative from the AAPC national office will also be an administrator to help with branding and any technical issues related to the mobile app.
  • If we have a local chapter Facebook page that a previous officer initiated and has recently moved, how do we get her off as the administrator, so another member or officer can take over this responsibility?
    • Due to integration with the new My AAPC mobile app, we foresee existing pages and groups being phased out and replaced with the new group provided by AAPC.

Please reach out to us at, for further questions.

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  1. Meredith Martin says:

    Our Coeur d’Alene Idaho Chapter has not been assigned a Facebook page yet. Are there time frames posted for when they should have been or will be going out?

  2. Laura Higdon says:

    I have the same question as Meredith (11/8/18). Who will be notified when the new page is live? Is it a specific officer (or officers), or all members?