Submit Your Input on Health Reform

White House forums on health reform are being conducted across the country. Don’t miss your chance to be heard.
Upcoming forums are:

  • Des Moines, Iowa – March 23
  • Greensboro, N.C. – March 31
  • Los Angeles, Calif. – April 6

Submit questions you’d like addressed at one of these forums on the Web site.

No Responses to “Submit Your Input on Health Reform”

  1. suzanne kidd says:

    My question is two fold. First I would like to know how the government plans to deal with fraud . Not only in the medicare program but with other medical insurances as well. Especially if we are looking at a type of universal health care program .Government programs seem to fall prey to fraud easily due to lack of oversight
    My next question is in regards to ethics. As we all know health care is a resource and with a resources they are limited. Who and how will we determine where our dollars should be spent? With a universal plan will there be limits on how much we are able to pay for an individual? In other words can we spend limitless amounts on a person who is maybe terminal? Even if there is only a slight chance of a cure or ? Who will determine this if ? Does everyone get the same treatment?
    I think my question only leads to more questions, but with the reform there will be a plethora of problems that can not be easily remedied.

  2. Lavanya Mohan says:

    Medicare patients are but not well attended in many occassions – Lack of interest in physicians themselves. Particularly, in Chicago often I understand.
    Mediocre are not able to meet several costly affairs as cancer therapy, immunotherapy, etc.
    Elderly women and orphans are affected more than the others when it comes to immunotherapy;
    Old age people are the worse treated everywhere-
    Some reforms are required regarding these.
    Thank You,
    Lavanya Mohan