May MAYnia is Here!

Celebrate AAPC Membership!
May MAYnia is our annual membership drive. Although we always encourage members and non-members to attend their local chapter events, May has been set aside as a specific time of year that we really focus on our members and engage with our officers to make it something special!
It is an opportunity for local chapters to spotlight what they have to offer, and provide a fun environment, while focusing on education and networking! The May MAYnia theme is: Spring to your Local Chapter! Many chapters take this opportunity to decorate and provide something special for attendees using a springtime theme.
The local chapter department sends out May MAYnia freebies to each chapter that submits for a May event when submitted with enough time to mail them out. We have already started shipping the freebies. This year’s freebie is a metal straw, sporting the AAPC logo.
To help support attendance, AAPC is offering special discounts on products for the month of May and last week we emailed each president and education officer a list of these discounts. There is something for everyone that attends a May MAYnia event this year! We also encourage non-members to attend their local chapter event and see first-hand the benefits of becoming an AAPC member. Non-member visitors will receive a personalized letter from Bevan Erickson, president of AAPC, and an opportunity to get free study material with their membership and exam purchase! (Excluding CIRCC exams).
Chapters holding a seminar are also mailed freebies and can offer the discounts as well.
WOW! What a great time for our members and non-members to attend their local chapter events!
This is what was emailed last week, just in case you missed it:
Dear Officer,
May MAYnia is almost here!
We are excited about the discounts you can offer members attending your May MAYnia event this year. There is something for everyone, including non-member visitors.
To view and print out discount information, follow (Link)
How to use the Promotional Information:
We created the list of discounts, so it could double as a flyer and make it easy to announce the information to your members.  This information could be used the following ways:

  • Make additional flyers and put one on each member’s chair
  • Display on a screen in front of the room
  • Blow up the flyer, make a poster and display on an easel
  • Read aloud for interested members to write down the coupon code
  • Post on your chapter FB page (without discount codes)

Discounts will also be announced in a special Hot Sheet in May Officer News (without coupon codes) to drive members to your chapter May MAYnia event. 
NOTE:  If you post these discounts anywhere outside your meeting room, PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE THE COUPON CODE.  Members must be present to receive these special May MAYnia offers.
Additional Gift for Non-AAPC Members
Also included in this email is a personalized letter from AAPC’s President, Bevan Erickson. This is for you to share with non-AAPC members attending your May MAYnia meeting. Please share accordingly. (The free study material applies to every exam except CIRCC)
Any chapter holding a May MAYnia meeting that increases attendance over last year will receive a prize: “Meeting in a Box”
Grand Prize: The chapter with the most guests (non-AAPC member attendees) at a meeting and the chapter with the most guests a seminar will receive the grand prize which is a free conference registration for AAPC’s national HEALTHCON, upcoming in 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
If you have not submitted your meeting for approval, you may miss out on freebies, but you can still offer the discounts and prizes.
Thank you for all your work and enthusiasm! Happy May MAYnia!  Don’t forget to submit your event pictures to, we would like to use them in future articles.
AAPC Local Chapter Team

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