NEW! Local Chapter Mission Statement

There is always one thing that we can count on in life and in our professions…that is change! Change is a good thing and should be considered a positive!
For you to keep up in this ever-changing professional arena, change or transformation should be what moves your success needle, personally and professionally.
The local chapter team is no exception! With all the new protocols and changes, we have written a new mission statement to guide and direct our forward movement:
Advance the Careers of AAPC’s Healthcare Professionals by:

  • Providing a networking platform – in-person meetings and Facebook groups for officers as well as members
  • Delivering affordable continuing education units (CEUs) – Free or low-cost educational events
  • Encouraging personal development – Recognition of achievement, leadership opportunities
  • Facilitating certification – Testing sites in familiar surroundings, review classes and moral support.

We hope that you will embrace this new mission statement and incorporate it within your local chapter events.  Thank you for your continued support of AAPC and the local chapter team.
Marti Johnson
Director, Local Chapters

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