Lois Kastner, Cleveland Ohio President
For someone who dubs herself as “Da Prez,” Lois Kastner has quite the impressive bio as you will see below.
Lois started out as a music major but morphed into more of a humanities thing. She has a B.A. in Humanities and an M.A. in History- Soviet and East European Studies. Her PhD is not complete however ABD status (all but dissertation). She lived in Scotland for almost eight years (her best years, she states) doing PhD education and received her Postgraduate Certificate in Education-Secondary Level (high school and college) in History and English. She said she would live there in a heartbeat with family, her doggies and a nice place to live if she could.
Up to current: She is now a coder who started off assembling paper charts, answering phones, tracking down reports and doing concurrent chart reviews on hospital floors as a medical record analyst. She helped doctors with documentation and also worked Cancer Registry support. She states she did a lot of wandering in her years trying to find something that she could put up with in order to make a living. She hated business things, banking and secretarial things; she wanted something to keep the “‘ole brain cells active and engaged” as she calls it, so it finally dawned on her that medical things were it, and it clicked! Her mother was a nurse and she herself a nurse’s aide, her great-grandfather a doctor so the apple couldn’t fall far from the tree. Lois earned her CPC-H now COC in 2005, CCS in 2011, and AMIMA I-10 CM/PCS Trainer in 2013. She works full-time for the Department of Veteran’s Affairs in Kansas City Missouri as a virtual inpatient coder and will possibly soon be virtual in California and Virginia. She teaches coding and billing every spring semester at Kent State University and works for Sierra 7, a government contractor group, as a coding educator. She would love a CDI certification or program to get herself a RHIT or RHIA. Lois is compassionate as a local chapter president and her teamwork shows as I witnessed at an Officer Training in March in Cleveland, Ohio. Her officers are engaged and notably appreciative of her guidance.
She, as you can read, is working all the time. She is always reading something with history, does genealogy, craft works and shows, and takes care of her kids: a Westie, a black Scottie and a white Scottie. She says she never could find anyone (male) that could go the distance and now, she doesn’t want anyone now—too many complications. She had lots more info for this interview and Lois is an absolute fountain of information and has lots of history to share, so reach out if you wish—she is a true AAPC local officer gem. She approves of giving her email, so contact her at
Submitted by:
Teresa S. “Terri” Bartrom CPC, CPB
AAPCCA Board of Directors Great Lakes Region 6 Representative 2015-2018
PR Committee Chairman 2017-2018

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