Beckers ASC: “Use of New Facet Injection Codes for 2010”

With the new 2010 ICD-9 codes, there are a number of changes that affect new facet injection coding. Paul Cadorette CPC, CPC-H, CPC-P, CEDC, COSC, CASCC highlights six code-set updates that you should be aware of.

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8 Responses to “Beckers ASC: “Use of New Facet Injection Codes for 2010””

  1. Juliette Morell says:

    Hi, I am unable to open any of the links provided for articles–please advise and thanks so much!

  2. Regina Ruoppoli says:

    I am unable to open them as well.

  3. Alicia Morris says:

    Unable to open new facet injection coding link- please advise.Thanks

  4. Cristina Lang says:

    Also cannot open, please advise!

  5. Xylina McAbee says:

    Unable to upen link to this article.

  6. Ellen Rostron says:

    Can’t open comments by Becker

  7. sumathiraja says:

    I am unable to open them as well.

  8. Susan D says:

    you can always go to Beckers ASC website for the articles…they have great coding info every month…

    I could not open the link either for AAPC article. Thanks!

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