Did You Know?

Coding Games Are Approved for CEUs
Coding games are a great tool available for officers to add fun and interest at chapter meetings. While games are approved for CEUs, certain rules apply. According to AAPC guidelines:

  • Coding games can be used as often as necessary, as a great tool to supplement a presenter’s education.
  • However, a meeting composed entirely of games is limited to only one per year.
    • Many chapters choose to hold their ‘game night’ during May MAYnia or the holiday months.
    • A game night could also be prepared and used for a last-minute presenter cancellation. (This would count as your one game night).

When requesting CEUs for your game night, please include details about the game so its educational value can easily be determined. Find two prepared coding game templates on AAPC’s website.
Games aid in keeping meetings fresh and entertaining, which is always a bonus to your membership and will turn you into a Rockstar, (provided you do not play Y93.85)!

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