Farewell from Linda Litster

Dear Local Chapter Officers,
I am sure most of you have heard by now, that I am retiring from AAPC’s Local Chapter Team.
I could not leave without sharing how grateful I am for the notes, letters, cards, emails and gifts that I have received from many of you, all of which have truly touched my heart. Thank you. And thank you again.
Over the past eleven years, while working in the AAPC local chapters department, I have come to know that we have some of the most talented, extraordinary individuals within the AAPC organization and the Healthcare industry! Each of you, while making differences in your own chapters and communities, have made a difference in my life. Through your service as a local chapter officer, I have been blessed.
I want to thank those officers who have continually gone the distance by supporting my requests for holding extra exams, proctoring when we needed coverage for a special ADA exam, sending in pictures, writing articles, sharing personal stories, working through internal issues with professionalism and for providing your members incredible educational opportunities at your meetings, seminars and conferences. Whenever the call went out, you answered! Your light has been a beacon, and I am so grateful for you!
I would also like to thank the AAPCCA Board of Directors for their service. Their enthusiasm for making a difference within AAPC’s local chapters is infectious! Their tireless, selfless giving to others is so inspirational and has moved me to do more in my own life. The support of AAPC and the local chapter team by this group of extraordinary men and women is awe inspiring. Working with them the past eleven years has been a privilege and honor. I will miss you my friends!
Some of my most treasured memories are those emails received by so many of you, expressing success within your personal and professional lives. Many of them carried similar messages:
By becoming a member of AAPC, and becoming certified, it catapulted my career…
 When I decided to serve as a chapter officer, it took my career to the next level and opened many doors for advancement…
 Becoming a member of an organization that is so supportive of their members, has encouraged me to step outside the box and do more within my community and local chapter…
Thank you all! You are simply AMAZING.
It has been an honor working with each of you; I will miss you. I treasure the friendships we made and wish you the best in all future endeavors!
Linda Litster, Officer Liaison
“If your actions create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then, you are an excellent leader.”

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