Message from the AAPCCA Executive Committee

As current Vice Chair of the AAPC Chapter Association I can honestly say that five years ago I never dreamed I’d be where I am today.
I have been in healthcare 16 years. The one thing that is a certainty in healthcare is that things definitely change, sometimes on a daily basis. I have an accounting background and that is my passion. I’ve been with my current company many years and survived several re-organization efforts when departments I’ve worked in were down-sized.  Upon my second down-sizing, my daughter recommended that I get my coding certification. This is when my coding journey began. However, I had done some chart review as part of one of my previous roles within the organization (working in a long-term rehabilitation setting for children) not realizing that work was coding related.
Next came joining AAPC and getting involved in my local chapter by volunteering with the secretary. Volunteering allowed me to get to know my fellow local chapter members. My daughter then encouraged me to run for treasurer of our local chapter. I did run not thinking I would ever win, but no one ran against me. No one wanted to run (I can’t imagine), lol. It does take a special individual. I held that office for two years. Then I ran for vice president and lost, but even though discouraged, I ran again the following year for vice president and won.
At this point I had attended regional and national conferences and was very impressed with the Chapter Association Board of Directors. I observed how hard they worked and all they did to make conference successful and knew I wanted to be involved — so I applied. Sadly, I did not get selected but undeterred, I applied again the next year and was so excited when I was informed I had made the final ten.
I am happy to say I was among those selected for the 2016-2019 term and my sisterhood began. I have been so blessed to be involved with AAPCCA and the opportunities that come with local chapter involvement. The knowledge I have gained being a part of this organization has been life changing. I have made many lifelong friendships.
I would not have guessed five years ago that this is where I would be, but I would not change it for anything. I can’t wait to see what comes next.
I encourage you to look for opportunities to get more involved in your profession.  You never know how much you might grow and learn and have some fun along the way!
Cynthia Stephenson, CPC, CRC, AAPC Fellow
AAPCCA BOD 2016-2019

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