Provista Offers Test for Early Detection of Breast Cancer

Provista Life Sciences LLC (PLS) announced March 5 a limited rollout of the Biomarker Translation Test or BT Test™ for the early detection of breast cancer.

The BT Test is a new predictive blood test meant to be used in conjunction with mammography and other screening diagnostic imaging procedures. MedicExams, a national network of health care testing facilities, has partnered with Provista to provide mobile blood draw services in Arizona and 26 other states.

Women can call Provista at (888) 649-6636 to order the BT Test. Provista will file private insurance claims for test takers; noncovered tests cost $195. After an order is placed, MedicExams calls the woman to schedule the blood draw. After the sample is collected, it is sent to Provista for analysis. Results of the test are sent to the consumer.

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