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Connolly Posts New Issues for Review

After a month of eerie silence, Connolly Healthcare is back in full swing. The recovery audit contractor (RAC) for Region C posted 19 new issues for medical review on Feb. 8. As is the pattern of late, the list of issues focuses on top-dollar medical severity diagnosis-related groups (MS-DRGs).

With this latest addition, Connolly now has eight (out of 52) DRG issues with relative weights of more than 5.0. Six of the 19 new issues are ranked in the top 100 DRGs nationwide, according to an eduTrax Feb. 10 report.
Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi were added to the posted DRG validation issues on Feb. 2. To date, none of the RACs’ posted issues are approved for medical necessity review.
You can view Connolly’s new issues for review here.

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