Chapter Requirements Will be Modified in 2019

As AAPC’s membership grows and changes, likewise our local chapters must adapt to continue to meet the needs of the membership. Education must stay relevant, affordable and attainable, and networking will be ever more important.
To keep up with changing times and needs we are pleased to announce the following changes that will take place beginning in 2019:

  • Chapters will be required to offer six educational events
    • At least four must be traditional meetings.
    • One event may be a virtual meeting (sponsored by the chapter) where some or all are attending virtually.
      • There is no requirement of inclement weather or a specific distance to travel for attendees.
    • One event may be a seminar.
  • Remote chapters will be introduced
    • Creation of remote chapters will be based on number of members in secluded locations.
    • Modified requirements include:
      • Two officers
      • Two educational events annually
      • Two exam dates
    • Watch for more details to come
  • AAPC chapters will have a social media presence
    • This will allow officers to live-stream announcements and important information for their chapter members
    • Chapter members can communicate in their respective forums
  • Officer training for 2019 officers will be conducted virtually
    • Officers may begin training as soon as elections are completed.
    • Incentives will be available for officers.
  • Watch the monthly Officer News for more information on these important upcoming changes.

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No Responses to “Chapter Requirements Will be Modified in 2019”

  1. Rik Salomon says:

    Some really wonderful additions to the chapter requirements. Thanks for all you do, Marti!
    Rik Salomon, CPC, CRC
    Secretary/Treasurer of Carolina Coders
    Charlotte NC AAPC Chapter

  2. Victoria Moll says:

    I’m excited for the remote chapters and virtual meetings. I’d love to present virtually to our members!

  3. Larissa says:

    Is there any additional information on becoming a remote chapter?

  4. Maria Puerto says:

    This is very informative. Thank you Marti for sharing this valuable information.