No Brainer – Your Attendees are Hungry!

Take advantage of the fact that after working a full day most potential meeting attendees will be hungry, so serve food at your meetings! It’s surprising how much that appeals to attendees. One successful chapter sponsors a food theme of the month, which makes things interesting and keeps everyone guessing what the treat will be. It works best if you are consistent in offering food, so attendees know they can count on something. Also, if they know in advance, they will be better prepared to participate in the expenses.

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  1. Janette Rodriguez says:

    I really like this idea I believe that our local chapter has become “stale” and we need new ideas.
    We are a very small group but we are also pretty new and do not have much advertisement because we are located within the college and there are not any areas where meetings can be posted.
    I am glad to read your ideas which may help us increase attendance.
    Thank you.
    Janette Rodriguez, MHA, CPC
    Woodland Park Secretary/Treasurer

  2. Tammy R . Ulm, CPC says:

    Definitely makes for a more lively and enjoyable meeting. Our Chapter always provides a meal at meetings we have even started to provide snacks At the Exams. For our meetings we have had a Wing Night, Pizza night, Taco bar, Panera soup and sandwiches to name a few. Even for our door prizes that we have at each meeting we have started doing themed gift bags like : a coffee bag, pizza bag, gardening bucket, beach bag and others.

  3. Lisa Whitaker CPB, Selden/Suffolk Chapter Secretary says:

    Definitely a no brainer. Our chapter always serves wraps, salad, beverage and cookies for dessert. Dinner after a day at work makes it convenient for members to attend meetings.

  4. Trisha Fillion says:

    We do this for the Fishersville Virginia Chapter and our members love it. We only charge $3 per head, so we are a broke chapter due to dinners; however we just recently heard that our local hospital may be able to help out with the meals, so that’s great! We have served pizza, subs, soup, baked potato bar, pasta, etc. Nobody is picky as they are just happy to have a meal.