Join the Monthly Local Chapter Q&A for Officers

Here are three things we learned from our session in July:

  • The third week of the month seems to be the most successful for getting attendees out, and Thursday is typically the best day to meet.
  • “Networking is mentoring”, according to Rik Salomon, secretary/treasurer of the Charlotte NC Chapter. He said that as officers they always arrive early, so they can be available to network with the members before the meeting starts. They also make time afterwards. Rik commented that those members who take advantage appreciate the technical assistance and the mentoring, and in turn, the officers have been able to identify new candidates for officer positions.
  • Ashley Gipson, the president of the Birmingham AL chapter, shared that at chapter meetings, as officers, they encourage members to get up in front of the attendees for just five to ten minutes at a time, making announcements, offering coding information, or networking. It gets them used to being in front of people and prepares them to become presenters or officers.

This is a sample of the countless ideas that are shared each month. Consider joining us! It’s always held the third Friday of the month at 12:00 ET. Watch the officer Facebook page for the link to join.

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No Responses to “Join the Monthly Local Chapter Q&A for Officers”

  1. Janette Rodriguez says:

    Great idea we meet on a Saturday and in the summer no one wants to come not even me and I am the Secretary.
    During the week may be a good idea for the chapter. I like the idea of the everyone speaking for a few minutes at a meeting.

  2. Laura Higdon says:

    I am strongly lobbying for the availability and access to a recording of the monthly local chapter officer Q&A for those of us who have a standing meeting at work at the same time. I would definitely take the time to go back and listen if it were available, and would encourage my other officers to do the same if I heard anything that was especially relevant to their position.
    Thank you for considering this!

  3. Lisa M. says:

    I agree that a weekend day be considered or any early evening time. Thank you