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CEU Verification Just Got Easier

CEU Verification Just Got Easier

Don’t lose track of your CEU certificates, use the CEU Tracker.

AAPC requires its certified members to earn continuing education units (CEUs) to maintain their credentials. AAPC also randomly selects 25 percent of CEU submissions for verification, which can be a little unnerving if you don’t remember where you put your certificates. Thanks to a new feature in the CEU Tracker, however, you can upload your certificates directly into your account. It’s easy to do and smart, too!

Verification Without Worry

Using CEU Tracker to track CEU documentation makes the verification process a breeze. “The member can upload proof for each CEU, then they won’t have to submit anything additional unless notified,” said Jamie Johns, manager of AAPC’s CEU department.
As you earn your CEUs, you can scan and upload paper certificates or upload PDF certificates, which are becoming more common. This effectively does away with that stack of certificates on your desktop that could easily be lost.

Verification Without Fuss

Members are not notified of verification until it is performed. If additional certificates are needed, the CEU team will request them. This means most members chosen for verification won’t realize it has happened.
An instructional video can be found on the AAPC website, and customer service representatives can help talk you through the process.
Here are some more bits of information to help you:

  • AAPC accepts unaltered copies of the original PDF certificate. You will need to submit supporting documents ONLY if you are asked to.
  • If you are randomly selected to submit supporting CEU documentation, please note that all certificates of approval must contain the index number (pre-approved by AAPC), name of sponsoring organization, title of the attended program, number of approved CEUs, and program date.
  • You can view a list of items submitted online in your CEU Tracker under the Previously Submitted tab. Click Details next to the most recent submission.
  • It’s not required to submit proof of AAPC education automatically entered into CEU Tracker. These items will be listed in blue and are linked to the certificates.

Note: If you are selected for verification before roll-out of the new tool, you will have to follow the old rules.

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