Region 5 – Telecommuting: Is it a right fit for you? Pros and Cons

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  • August 23, 2018
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Telecommuting has rapidly increased by 60% over the past five years.

Vanessa Moldovan and Sherrie Anderson | Region 5 – Southwest

Jack Nilles, a NASA employee started the trend in the 1970s. Over a 30+ year span, the trend increased here and there; however, since 2013 it has exploded. Employers have begun making decisions to send employees home to work. Pros include less travel time, higher productivity, higher employee satisfaction, less turn over, and less unscheduled time off. These are wins for both the employer and the employee. The medical field is one of the highest telecommuting networks. Medical coding and billing offers many telecommuting positions including coding, billing, denials management, risk adjustment, and denials management. Although telecommuting has many positive attributes, there are things viewed as negatives. Socializing and networking can be lost with telecommuting positions. Individuals may feel out of the loop and not part of a community. Time management can also be difficult when working from home. It also can be challenging for managers to manage effectively employees that telecommute. In particular, if the employee’s work is not productivity based. When seeking a job opportunity, telecommuting may not be offered immediately upon hire. There is often a training/ waiting period.
When considered a new job opportunity, telecommuting may be one of the decisions needed to be factored. Carefully weigh all pros and cons involved. Telecommuting is an amazing perk; however, it may not be for all.

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