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Elections Are Coming Up

September is the month for nominations; make sure you hold them so you’re ready for elections in October.
Call for nominations

  • The vice president asks for nominations at a chapter meeting, through an email to all members, or by posting the information on the chapter forum.
    • Nominations must be made prior to the meeting where elections will take place
  • Nominations should be made for the offices of president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer (or secretary/treasurer)
    • An education officer and member development officer are not required positions but are strongly recommended and encouraged
  • This year we are encouraging all officers to run for their positions for an additional year, having them serve two years in a row
    • This allows officers to have a good understanding of their responsibilities
  • Members may self-nominate.
    • Once nominated, the member can only accept the nomination for one position.
    • Multiple members may not share one officer position.
    • One member may not hold two offices at the same time, with the exception of the secretary/treasurer combined position.

Qualifications of nominees

  • Nominees must meet the qualifications of the office for which they are being nominated, which include:
    • Being in good standing with AAPC
    • Regularly attending their local chapter meetings
    • Being assigned to the chapters in which they are nominated
    • The president, vice president and education officer must hold an AAPC credential.
  • It is recommended that officers represent diversity in skill sets, knowledge, background, and employment status, including representation of various employers in the area.
    • It is highly recommended that all officers are not employed by the same company.
  • Strength of character, leadership, professionalism, communication skills, and the ability to volunteer time and service should be considered when nominating local chapter officers.
    • It is imperative that nominees uphold high standards, be ethical, maintain integrity, and are interested in the success of AAPC and the local chapter.

Terms of service

  • Officers are elected for a term of one year, from January through December.
    • In the unlikely event that the current president is unable to serve the full year in office, the vice president should assume the role of the president for the remainder of that term
  • All officers who continue to meet the requirements of an officer may be nominated and serve a second term in the same office
    • Officers should not serve more than two consecutive years in the same office
    • After serving as a chapter officer for four consecutive years, an officer may not be elected to an office for at least one year
    • Approval from AAPC’s local chapter department and AAPCCA must be obtained for any variation to the term limits as described above

What to do when you do not have volunteers for offices

  • Hopefully you have been watching your members throughout the year, seeking those who display potential ability or desire to become involved.
    • Potential candidates include members who attend meetings and help with food or cleanup. Those who network with others before, during, or after the meeting, or who are connected with resources, are also potential candidates.
    • It may be as simple as asking someone if he/she is willing to accept a nomination
  • When looking for officers, we encourage you to find nominees who display the qualifications for the position.
    • Members with these qualities may more fully enjoy the position if they have the disposition for the responsibilities. However, members with these qualifications may not be found in all chapters
      • It is not required that officers have these qualities, many will grow into a position, so give all a chance
      • Being willing to help is one of the best qualities a candidate can possess
  • In the best case scenarios, officers would have the following qualifications for the following positions:
    • President – leadership ability, organization skills, friendly personality
    • Vice president – leadership ability, willingness to learn
    • Secretary – organization skills
    • Treasurer – understanding of banking procedures such as the ability to perform simple mathematics and keeping a spreadsheet of expenses
    • Education officer – connections with area specialists, physicians, and members who could network about ideas for education
    • Member development officer – outgoing, friendly personality
  • Remember that officers are charged with tasks such as using AAPC’s website to find member lists, scheduling meetings and exams, and more. It is best if they are comfortable with the internet and familiar with AAPC’s website.
  • In the end, if there are no members volunteering to serve, but there are current officers who are willing to stay on, please contact AAPC’s local chapter team. Terms of service rules can be waived in the best interest of the chapter.
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