Join the Monthly Local Chapter Q&A for Officers

We look forward to our monthly calls with officers because we learn so much just by listening. We invite you to spend time listening with us to other officers as they share and brainstorm. You may even want to join in!
Two great ideas from our call in August are:

  • Using committees can strengthen the chapter!
    • Committees can be formed to solve problems and give input
      • Ideas include increasing attendance, fund raising ideas, procuring new speakers, locating rooms for meeting space and exams, ideas for point systems, the list goes on and on
    • Serving on committees gives more members opportunities to get involved
      • Heads of committee are good candidates for officers
    • Having all officers share announcements, messages, or other important information at every meeting, can strengthen the chapter!
      • Attendees come to recognize the officers the more they interact with them
      • Watching officers in action helps members to see what their positions entail
        • This may spark a desire to get involved when members see officers enjoying their positions
      • Officers that are more visible appear more approachable to members

Try spending some time listening to other officers talk on the calls and you’ll see it for yourself. Remember the Local Chapter Q&A session is always held the third Friday of the month at 12:00 ET. Watch the officer Facebook page for the link to join. If you’re not joining the call because you have complications with Highfive, please call us in advance so we can help you get connected.

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