Changes are Coming in 2019

Beginning next year, the requirements for hosting a local chapter will change slightly. Officers will be required to sponsor 6 educational events per year.
Here’s how it will look:
Required events            Event types                                                                          When held
4                                       In-person meetings                                                            Once each quarter
2                                      Seminars, virtual meetings, or in-person meetings        Any time throughout the year
Seminars are defined as educational events that last over 2½ hours. Virtual meetings are defined as events where attendees are not in person but are logged in online. No reimbursement is paid by AAPC for seminars, but a reimbursement will be paid for virtual meetings.
Officers are not required to sponsor seminars or virtual meetings; 6 meetings could be hosted by a chapter. However, we are hoping to attract members who have not participated in the past, and we believe they will be interested in virtual meetings, so we hope chapters will try this new format.

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