No Brainer – Make Sure You Don’t Owe Taxes for 2018!

The best way to do this is to spend the chapter funds on the members! It is still early enough in the year for officers to work together to determine how much money there currently is in the chapter bank account, how much will be earned through the 3rd quarter reimbursement, and how much will be used for operating expenses through the end of the year. Once you know approximately how much money you’ll have left over, you can plan ways to spend it, so you make little or no profit in 2018. Ideas include hosting an end of year banquet or awards ceremony for those who have helped or served, purchasing gift cards as incentives or thank you’s, or paying in advance for 2019 events. Members also appreciate the purchase of code books for use in proctoring, or giveaways for upcoming meetings. Incentives such as free membership or conference registration are great ideas for encouraging participation. Whatever you do, find ways to make spending the money equitable for all.

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