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BOD Message – Can You Believe We Are Nearing the End of 2018 Already!

Time sure does fly when we are having fun! As we get closer to all our fall seminars or holiday celebrations in our chapters I wanted to give you some helpful reminders that will keep your chapter on track to finish 2018 successfully and ready to begin 2019 on a good foot.
Elections should already be planned and in process. Current vice presidents remember to complete the Election Verification Information on AAPC’s website within 10 days of the election, but no later than November 30th. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the elections or uploading the new officers online, please reach out to your AAPCCA regional representative or email localchapters@aapc.com.  2019 officers must also accept their officer assignment on the AAPC website to be listed as an officer.
Moving into 2019, remember to have the 2018 officers be mentors for the incoming 2019 officers.  As soon as possible after the elections are confirmed schedule a planning meeting with the incoming and outgoing officers.  This meeting should be no later than mid-December. It is proven that mentoring and educating new officers helps them be more successful in their terms of service. Discussions should include events, such as chapter meetings and exams, chapter finances, securing speakers, planning workshops, surveying the members for their input and increasing membership attendance and participation for the following term.
Remember as the year comes to an end we need to be financially conscious with the funds in the AAPC checking accounts. Every chapter should try to spend down the funds in their account to be at or below the amount you started with in January. We do this, so we do not have to pay taxes on that money. Let’s also remember this is the members’ money and needs to be spent on them. I have compiled some great suggestions on how to spend down the chapter funds and how to give it back to the members.

  • Pre-pay for meeting space for the upcoming year
  • Pre-pay for any supplies that the 2019-chapter officers may need
  • Purchase AAPC bucks or AAPC merchandise for door prizes
  • Purchase coding manuals for giveaways or raffles
  • Contribute to the AAPC Hardship fund
  • Support a member to go to a National or Regional Conference

Make sure all accounts at the bank are updated as needed and show the current year president and treasurer only. Be sure any contact email addresses and any passwords associated with accounts are updated as well.
Finally, I want to thank all of you for serving on your local chapter and for keeping the local chapters a place to learn, network and grow.
Lynda Wetter CPC, CPMA, CEMC, CGSC, AAPC Fellow
AAPC-Chapter Association Board of Directors 2017-2020
Region 3, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky

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