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Ultrasound Elastography 2019 Codes

Ultrasound Elastography 2019 Codes

With the 2019 CPT® codebook still a few weeks away, there’s news of three new category I CPT® codes to report ultrasound elastography (USE), which will be added to the Radiology Section.
Ultrasound elastographyworks on the principle that different tissue types within the body demonstrate different elastic properties. Abnormal tissue (e.g., a neoplasm) is “stiffer” than normal tissue, and thus is identifiable byultrasound elastography.
New codes (7698x-+7698x) will describe ultrasound elastography of:

  • parenchyma (i.e., the functional parts of a body organ)
  • first target lesion
  • an add-on code,for each additional target lesion (reported a maximum of two units per session)

In prior years, ultrasound elastography was reported using category III add-on code 0346T Ultrasound, elastography (List separately in addition to code for primary procedure), which was reported in addition to other radiology procedures (e.g., 76705)

There’s More to Learn

For more about the new USE codes, and a complete rundown of the new, revised, and deleted codes and guidelines in CPT® 2019, sign up for AAPC’s comprehensive 2019 CPT Coding Updates Virtual Workshop on December 6 (by demand starting 12/7), presented by AAPC’s own Raemarie Jimenez, CPC, CPMA, CPC-I, CANPC, CRHC. Or, join Raemarie on Nov. 20 for a one-hour webinar that highlights the changes you can expect in CPT® 2019.

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No Responses to “Ultrasound Elastography 2019 Codes”

  1. Linda Povich says:

    Does the radiologist have the authority to order the liver elastography on Liver ultrasound or does the referring have to specify the liver elastography?

  2. Penny Shisler says:

    Is anyone getting MCR denials for code 76981 in POS Inpatient and Outpatient?
    Thank you

  3. Cdmacres says:

    Use Parenchyma Lesion
    on 04/18/2019 CPT Code: 76981. POS Outpatient “NOT COVERED”
    Remarks: This is not covered. It is part of the main procedure performed. [M12]
    Service not paid by plan $1,198.00 THIS IS SO LUDACRIS!!!!

  4. Yaseen Rashid says:

    Dear Penny,
    you have to select outpatient POS for code 76981
    Special Coder.