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PICC Codes Revised for 2019

PICC Codes Revised for 2019

Codes for peripherally inserted central venous catheter (PICC) lines will experience a refresh in the 2019 CPT codebook.
Existing codes 36568 (younger than age 5) and 36569 (age 5 and older) are revised to report PICC placement without subcutaneous port or pump, and without imaging guidance.
Two new codes (one for a patient younger than age 5, the second for age 5 and older) are added to describe PICC line procedures that bundle imaging guidance, image documentation, and all associated radiological supervision and interpretation. The codes will include documentation of evaluation of the potential puncture sites, patency of the entry vein, real-time ultrasound visualization of needle entry into the vein, and confirmation of catheter tip location. If confirmation of the catheter tip location is not performed, you’ll need to report a reduced service.
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  1. Aaron says:

    Can you bill separately for the PICC itself and get reimbursed? We are an outpatient center.