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Interview Tips and Techniques – How to Be Prepared

Have you been on many interviews? Do you ponder what you can do to help your chances of selection? Often individuals may do things they are unaware of that could result in not

Vanessa Moldovan and Sherrie Anderson | Region 5 – Southwest

being selected for the position they have applied for. Here are some tips on proper attire, questions, items to have with you, and communication, etc., that will help you land the job.
Dress professionally. Dress for the job you want. The first impression is the most crucial. Potential employers get a first impression based on attire. It is always important to dress appropriately for a job interview. Avoid bright and flashy colors. This could be distracting during the interview.
Be prepared for potential questions that the hiring manager may ask. For example, a common question is “What is your weakness?” Offset this with stating that you are aware of your weakness, but place a positive spin on your answer. For example:
“My weakness is I may take more time than my co-workers to code my charges; however, in the end my result is fewer charge errors due to taking my time. I am a constant work in progress to complete my charges as quickly as possible, and with fewer errors.”
Be sure also to have questions prepared to ask the hiring manager. Arriving with no questions can appear as a lack of interest in being selected.
Items to Bring to the Interview
Bring coding books. In the event of needing to complete an exam as the interview process, you will need coding books.  Bringing your own assists the interviewer and shows that you are comfortable with your own books. You may have notes in your own coding books. It also helps you to appear ready.
If You Know the Hiring Manager
Pretend you do not. Often when networking, individuals become familiar with one another in the field. Being relaxed and casual because you may know them could have a negative impact.
Communication Technique
Communicate professionally and through professional email addresses. For example, do not reach out via social media messenger systems. If you have the email address of the hiring manager, utilize that. If you do not have this, a phone call is acceptable.
Have a portfolio ready and available. Your portfolio should include your resume, recommendations, achievements, and goals.
Receiving the Offer
During the interview process, if you receive a verbal offer, be prepared to accept. Any questions related to the job should be asked and ironed out during the interview process. The interview process is the perfect time to discuss work hours, salary, expectations. Once a verbal offer is extended, any surprises regarding these things could place a wrench in accepting the offer.
Be Prepared
Following the outlined techniques are helpful when preparing and going through an interview process. Research interview techniques and practice. It could be beneficial to have a colleague practice a mock interview to settle some of your nerves before the interview process, particularly the interviews that involve presentation. Be ready and be prepared for success!

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