Message From Your Region 7 Representatives | October 2018

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  • October 24, 2018
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Have you ever wondered if you have unknowingly changed someone’s life for the better?  Maybe provided some inspiration for someone you met at your job, or at a meeting?

Robert A. Kiesecker and Sandra Pedersen | Region 7 – Mountain/Plains

One thing I have noticed over the years is a sincere desire of every coder I know to reach out to other coders and share knowledge.  I also have noticed that most coders share many of the same personality traits.  Aside from being analytical, detail-oriented and tech savvy, many coders tend to have great social skills, a trait that serves our professions well.  As we interact with other coders around us, we may be able to offer some inspiration to them.
One of the definitions of “inspire” is to spur on, to impel, to motivate.  We each have a unique set of experiences and education and can offer each other a glimpse into a new and different side of things. Your enthusiasm could be an inspiration to someone who needs a boost in their career.  Passion is contagious!  A coder you interact with may be stuck in one place.  An action that you take could make the difference in their life, give them the courage to try something new, or to help them get “unstuck” and move forward to a new place, a more rewarding career, or to different possibilities they had not yet considered.
There are many ways to inspire, and often the most inspiring people are actively affecting others’ lives every day without even focusing on it.  They inspire by example, by the stories they tell, by sharing their experiences, by offering encouragement, or by just showing that they care.
Think about some things over the next month:  What is your best advice you would give a fellow coder?  What inspires you as a coder?  Who has inspired you?  And how did they do it?  What is the best thing you ever learned from attending AAPC chapter meetings or other events?  And who do you know that wasn’t there that could benefit from this same inspiration?
Keep interacting with your fellow coders and generate some positive change in others around you!

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