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Your CEUs Just Got a Lot Easier with My AAPC

Your CEUs Just Got a Lot Easier with My AAPC

No more will that CEU code from a chapter meeting or webinar be lost in your purse or notebook thanks to new features in the My AAPC  app. You can upload and manage what you need on the spot, and you can plan what CEUs you wish to pursue from your mobile device.

My AAPC Puts Membership in Your Palm

My AAPC is a free app for your phone or tablet that allows you fast, easy access to your AAPC membership benefits, exam results, CEU tracker, and more. With the latest update of My AAPC, you can now:

  • Access the CEU Tracker to track progress
  • Enter CEUs and submit CEUs through your submission window
  • Scan your Membership QR Code at the door of your Local Chapter meetings to earn applicable CEUs
  • Find an AAPC event using the new Event Search Advanced Filtering that allows you to search by date range, event type, location, and local chapter

The easy-to-learn features promise instant documentation of your local chapter meeting and your training. And you can now go into your CEU tracker and see where you stand and how many and what CEUs are needed.
Missy Kirschner, MPH, CPC, CDEO, CRC, CPC-I, MACRA Proficient, AAPC Fellow, tried the new features. She found it easy to adopt.” There was no learning curve.  I found it to be very intuitive to add my recent CEUs,” she said. “I was not sure how it would work with my new certification and the split CEUs (core vs specialty) but it was so fast and easy!” she added.
She said she loved the ease of quickly seeing the status of her CEUs from her phone. “It’s fast and easy to use,” she said. “Honestly, it seems that I do 95 percent of my activities on my phone rather than my computer.  All of the options that I typically use on the AAPC site are very quick to access and find.  It’s so much more convenient than logging into my computer. “
The Buckeye, Arizona local chapter tried the new local chapter meeting tool, which allows members to have their membership QR Code scanned right from My AAPC to have attendance marked. This ends the ritual of passing around a sign-in sheet. Amy Clements, CPC, CRC, local chapter president, said, “The Buckeye officers and Members found the new way to do attendance and track CEUs to be so quick and efficient.” Clements said that “almost everyone these days has a smartphone so you have the ease of marking attendance and seeing your CEUs right in your hands. The feature is so easy that multiple officers can be taking attendance at one time and the meeting can get started on time.”

Downloading My AAPC

AAPC continues to enhance your membership experience with every update of My AAPC, which is available on both the App Store or Google Play; it works on iOS and Android. My AAPC will be updated periodically with new features and additional access to your account, education, and other resources to improve your work day and career. My AAPC puts membership in your hands, completing your connection with AAPC. Whether you’re at a child’s gymnastics practice, sitting in the break room, or reading a magazine in a waiting room, My AAPC is there for you.

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Brad Ericson, MPC, CPC, COSC, is a seasoned healthcare writer and editor. He directed publishing at AAPC for nearly 12 years and worked at Ingenix for 13 years and Aetna Health Plans prior to that. He has been writing and publishing about healthcare since 1979. He received his Bachelor's in Journalism from Idaho State University and his Master's of Professional Communication degree from Westminster College of Salt Lake City.

21 Responses to “Your CEUs Just Got a Lot Easier with My AAPC”

  1. Deidra Franklin says:

    i loved to learn more

  2. Shiny Ann says:

    Can anyone please advise me on how can I get my AAPC Certificate? I just recently passed the AAPC CPC exam held in Abudhabi on December 7th, 2018. I’m still waiting for my certificate. Do I receive it by post or by mail? Can anybody please help me?

  3. Kimberly Castle says:

    Congrats-you should receive by mail or at least that is how I received both of mine.

  4. Asif Durrani says:

    Call to AAPC help desk they will guide you

  5. Gigeesh Mathew says:

    can you please tell me exam dates that falls in between March and May in abu dhabi?


    I need help to pass this test if anyone willing to help me pass this test

  7. kiran karale says:

    I downloaded My AAPC app in my phone. I gave userID and password also but am unable to login. Then how to open please help me. I will be thankful to you.

  8. kiran karale says:

    I downloaded My AAPC app in my phone and I gave userID and Password also but am unable to login. Please help me , I will be thankful to you.

  9. Joann Montgomery says:

    I think there should be a way for us to self submit other seminars for CEUs. Not everything applicable, is from AAPC (or off the vendor list). It is frustrating when your employer sends you to a seminar which is directly related to coding and you can’t get anything for your day. Different organizations cater to different groups, and some don’t want to pay the exorbitant fee AAPC requires. I feel you are hurting the person who can least afford it. Therapists, Nursing Home Administrators, Directors of Nursing and Social Workers all have a way to self submit the content of a seminar. If we are to be required to have CEUs and are supposed to be considered professionals, shouldn’t we also have this benefit? Please reconsider your inflexible policy, and give us credits for our seminars.

  10. JILLIAN RHEA says:

    It would be great to be able to listen to webinars using the mobile app.

  11. JILLIAN RHEA says:

    It would be great to be able to listen to webinars using the mobile app.

  12. Alison Tyler says:

    Chapter Events-EG E/M Feb. 18
    Do we attend these events free of charge?

  13. Ramachandran G says:

    I have submitted my CEU’s with this index number “WTVOLRGAGT” but I can’t get certificate for this. Please Instruct to get this certificate.

  14. Renee Dustman says:

    Please contact customer service.

  15. Renee Dustman says:

    Please contact customer service.

  16. Naomi Pina says:

    Good morning everyone. I am so ready and excited for HEALTHCON 2020 Virtual Experience. Have a great day!

  17. Denise Daniel says:

    Using the APP on my phone to listen in on the conference would have been great!

  18. Shawna Burdick says:

    I’ve downloaded the app and reset my password several times and cannot log in. I also can’t get into the Blackboard, even though I was just in there yesterday. When I tried resetting my username/password on the blackboard, it tells me it can’t find my account. I called Customer Service and they are closed. Any advice?

  19. Lee Fifield says:

    Hi, Shawna. You were right to contact customer service. If you are calling after hours, please try back during our regular business hours.

  20. Ernso Dumenas says:

    I want to know when you have the CPC certification can you code inpatient also?

  21. Lee Fifield says:

    Ernso, the knowledge you gain from obtaining the CPC credential applies to all coding in all settings. The CIC credential expands your knowledge of inpatient coding. We recommend starting with the CPC for a general understanding and then add to your resume with subsequent credentials, as needed.