Virtual Chapter Meetings & Virtual Chapter Speakers

Message from AAPCCA Leadership
Beginning in 2019 the requirements for AAPC chapter meetings will change. Chapters will still be required to host 6 (six) educational events however, not all need to be traditional in-person meetings. Following are the requirements and/or options:

  • Required: 6 (six) educational chapter events per year.
    • Required: 4 (four) events must be traditional in-person meetings
    • Required: 2 (two) additional events must be held but can be either seminars, virtual meetings, or in-person meetings

Virtual Chapter Meetings
This type of presentation will be offered and hosted by AAPC local chapters remotely. All chapter members will have the capability to join this meeting remotely, which will be organized and presented by the chapter officers.  Chapter members will receive an invitation from the chapter they are assigned to, through the regular meeting alerts.

  • These presentations can be 1 – 2 hours in length.
  • These meetings will be conducted as normal with introductions, welcoming new members, reports by officers, job opportunities, other news and networking.
  • Besides officers who present, a list will be made available by the AAPCCA in Officer Resources on the AAPC website, of speakers who are willing to present virtually. This will be provided for additional options; however, chapters are not restricted to speakers on this list.

 Virtual Speakers at Traditional In-Person Meetings
Chapter officers are allowed to use virtual speakers at in-person meetings also.

  • There are no limits on how many virtual speakers a chapter can request.
  • Virtual speakers can also be used for chapter-sponsored conferences.

We are excited to promote this new adventure to our chapters and if you have any questions, please reach out to your AAPCCA Board of Directors Representative. More information will follow on the AAPC website and we will keep you updated.
AAPCCA Chapter Board Representative, Region 5
Executive BOD Meeting Coo

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