President Obama Proposes Imaging Preauthorization

A line item in the proposed 2010 federal budget sent to Congress Feb. 27 by the White House asks to “ensure that Medicare makes appropriate payments for imaging services through the use of radiology benefit managers” in order to cut utilization costs. Read the full story on

2 Responses to “President Obama Proposes Imaging Preauthorization”

  1. Pawan Arya, MBA, CPC, CPC-H says:

    This is not a good news for Medical Oncology which relies on large number of radiology procedures for diagnosis, follow and and disease progression. Although well-intentioned move, this will increase cost of doing business for a Specialty where Medicare is 45- 55% of payer mix.

  2. Susan Halicky says:


    I don’t know what you have read about this so far but thought you might be interested.


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