No Brainer – Financial Information Must Be Accurate

Most chapters had their 2016 taxes deducted from the 3rd quarter payment on November 15th. We have heard from officers who believe they were charged incorrectly for the taxes. Keep in mind that taxes were calculated on the information AAPC received from the officers at the end of 2016, and in some cases, it is possible the information ended up being incorrect. However, that is what was reported to AAPC so that is what was reported to the IRS. Some chapters submitted the information beyond the deadline and incorrectly assumed it would be accepted. Because we complied with auditors’ deadlines, information received afterwards was not available when needed. Again, accuracy and timeliness in submission are both of utmost importance. Remember, AAPC’s report to the auditors is only as good as the report from the chapter officers.

Certified Professional Medical Auditor

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