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Greetings Officers!
It is hard to believe that we are approaching the end of another year.  This is always a busy time of year for all of us both personally and professionally with month end and year-end financial impacts, preparation for changes in our code and payment systems and NCCI and policy changes, not to mention preparation for the holidays.  With all of this we also need to keep abreast of the end of year responsibilities we have as officers. For those chapters with December meetings, remember that our chapters are for our members. Honor and recognize those members who have taken the extra steps throughout the year to help with planning, preparation, clean up/set up, proctoring, etc. Continue to recognize any new members, newly certified members. Be aware of the chapter bank balance and spend down to avoid paying taxes. Find creative ways to use those additional funds to give back to the members, as after all it is their money. Purchase industry related prize giveaways remembering that not all of our members are coders.  Some items I have seen our chapters provide have been coding, billing and risk adjustment resource books, AAPC Bucks, books on anatomy, Excel, Word, Leadership and other professional development areas, gas and office supply gift cards, I-pads and tablets, phone chargers, AAPC or chapter logo merchandise. With member approval, donate a portion of your funds to the AAPCCA Hardship Scholarship Fund. It is also important that both the current and incoming officers meet to go over internal processes, what worked and didn’t work in 2018 and to plan for 2019. Meeting dates and topics, exam dates, review classes, should all be discussed and established along with determining the first proctor for exams.  During this time chapters also begin preparation for any seminar they may host in 2019. As you plan, keep in mind the added options being provided to our local chapters with offering one chapter sponsored virtual meeting (new requirement for the 6 educational events allows for 4 in person meetings, a virtual meeting and a seminar) as well as the opportunity to have in person meetings with a virtual speaker. When planning for educational offerings, take note of your members certifications and practice areas to try to incorporate all members in education offerings. And finally make your incoming officers aware of the importance of reviewing the Local Chapter Handbook as well as participating in the annual officer training provided by your chapter association board.  Watch for those details coming out this month. If you are not serving as an officer in 2019 remember to stay active in your chapter, help mentor members and officers, offer to present and help on committees. And most importantly, allow yourself the time to spend with your families and loved ones. On behalf of all 16 of your AAPC Chapter Association Board Members I wish each of you a happy and blessed holiday season. We look forward to continuing to serve you in the upcoming year.
Chair, AAPC Chapter Association Board of Directors 2018-2019
Region 6 – Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio

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