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Healthcare Job Growth Greatest in 2018

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  • January 7, 2019
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Healthcare Job Growth Greatest in 2018

Opportunity abounds for healthcare business professionals in an expanding market.

The healthcare sector created one in seven new jobs in the United States in 2018, per preliminary data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Although many of those jobs are clinical, the repercussion is a growing demand for support ranks such as coding, billing, compliance, management, etc. It’s possible, even, that the BLS is under-reporting our sector.

Healthcare is Fertile Job Market

When looking for a new job, rather than look to fill a position that has recently become available, consider looking newly-created positions that have been created due to the recent demand for healthcare workers. We work in an economic segment that is growing significantly and, although some of the work can be off-shored, much of the work must be performed in the United States, assuring a ready supply of open opportunities.

Healthcare Data from BLS

New data from the BLS projections indicate the healthcare sector employment will grow 18 percent between 2016 and 2026, which is considered “much faster than the average for all occupations, adding about 2.4 million new jobs.”
“This projected growth is mainly due to an aging population leading to greater demand for healthcare services,” BLS said.
The BLS Healthcare Occupations site appears to be missing a large sector, however, listing our support under one category entitled “Medical Records and Health Information Technicians.” It appears that the BLS is years behind the industry, leaving out compliance professionals, medical coders, auditors, educators, practice managers, medical billers, etc. As such they may have even underestimated the hiring potential for our industry.

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Barbara Cobuzzi

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Barbara J. Cobuzzi, MBA, CPC, COC, CENTC, CPC-P, CPC-I, CPCO, CMCS, is CEO of CRN Healthcare Solutions and formerly owned a medical billing company. Cobuzzi is a subject matter expert in otolaryngology coding. She provides litigation support as an expert witness for providers and payers and often presents for many local and national organizations. She is also a consulting editor for AAPC’s Otolaryngology Coding Alert newsletter. In 1999, Cobuzzi was named AAPC’s Networker of the Year, and she is a past member of the National Advisory Board. She is one of four founding members of the Monmouth/Ocean, N.J., local chapter and is still active with the chapter.

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  1. comment says:

    I think the sector you’re talking about (compliance professionals, coders, auditors, educators, managers, billers) would fall under “Medical and Health Services” Managers”

  2. Melisande Balleste says:

    I am currently taking an ICD 10 CM class ( I have my CBCS) and afterward I will be taking the CPC and sign up for practicode : due to my lack of experience and hopefully it will increase my chances of obtaining employment.

  3. Melisande Balleste says:

    I will be taking my CPC after my ICD 10 CM class. I will also be signing up for Praticode: due to my lack of experience and employment. Hopefully all of these things leads to employment. I am glad to see the field is increasing, but opportunities for those without experience needs to increase which that’s where I am currently at.

  4. Mamta Christian says:

    how to get practice to get coder job, I passed CPC in October’2017 till not get job