CMS Eases Internet-based PECOS Security

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  • April 14, 2009
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The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has made an important change to its Internet-based Provider Enrollment, Chain and Ownership System (PECOS) that will free up a lot of time for physicians and non-physician practitioners (NPPs).

Provider and supplier organizations can now authorize employees or a third-party billing service to use Internet-based PECOS on their behalf. Individuals who will use Internet-based PECOS must first register in the PECOS Identification and Authorization System (PECOS I&A) and complete the Security Consent form. This form must be signed by an official of his or her employer and by the organization’s authorized official (AO) and then mailed to the CMS External Usesr Services (EUS) Help Desk.
Authorized users of Internet-based PECOS can:

  • Enroll in the Medicare program
  • Make changes to Medicare enrollment information
  • View existing Medicare enrollment information
  • Withdraw from the Medicare program
  • Check the status of an Internet-submitted Medicare enrollment application

Note: To date, you cannot use Internet-based PECOS to change ownership applications. Continue to use paper form CMS-855 until further notice.

Physicians and NPPs are responsible for maintaining and reporting changes in their Medicare enrollment information. Failure to do so could result in claims being processed incorrectly.

Report the following changes within 30 days:

  • Practice location
  • Final adverse action

Report the following changes within 90 days:

  • Business structure
  • Organization’s legal business name/tax identification number
  • Practice status
  • Reassignment of benefits
  • Banking arrangements or any payment information

Note: Physicians who are enrolled in the Medicare program, but have not submitted the CMS-8551 since 2003 are required to resubmit an initial Medicare enrollment application when reporting a change for the first time.

You can read more about Internet-based PECOS on the Medicare Provider/Supplier Enrollment Web page.

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  1. Barbara Cobuzzi says:

    I recommend that anyone submitting an Internet based PECOS 855 application for a physician get a signed agreement that the physician authorizing that person to use their (the physician’s ) username and password to enter the information into the system and they will review the information for accuracy before they sign the CMS Certification that is sent into Enrollment since the physician is ultimately responsible for the accuracy of the data entered into the PECOS system.

  2. T Tillery says:

    Has anyone as been having the nightmare that I have had just trying to get into the site? Invalid username and password’s that I know for a fact are correct. Slow response times from broswers…
    Maybe its me?