Message From Your Region 1 Representatives | January 2019

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  • January 24, 2019
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Happy New Year everyone!
New Year, New Code Books, New Resolutions, New Career advancement or job?

AAPC Northeast Region Representatives

When January 1st rolls around we tend to look at the year prior and digress as to what we did poorly or what we could do better like exercise more, eat better, or do more charity work. But don’t forget to celebrate the things you DID get accomplished and what you achieved in 2018. Whether you are newly certified this year, added a new credential, promoted at work or even just learned something new, you have grown as a person and that isn’t something to take lightly.  Celebrate your accomplishments, and focus on how good it made you feel. Take that momentum from that and use it to boost yourself into even more growth for this next year; and one of the best ways to grow is to learn more! HEALTHCON and the AAPC regional conferences are great places to a ton of new skills in a short amount of time. These conferences don’t just offer education; they offer networking, meeting new friends and even yoga! HEALTHCON is in Las Vegas this year so it could even offer you with a  chance to meet Elvis and get a cool t-shirt.  It’s a crazy busy few days but the excitement of being with your coding family is like none other. Consider it an investment in yourself.
Now that we all should have received our new code books the question still remains on what to do with all the old ones? Well when possible we should recycle these books so that we can help our environment BUT we can also be a little creative too. On my desk the monitors don’t adjust up and down so in order to avoid neck strain I have used old versions of my CPT books to boost them up. Ok, so that’s not creative. However, there are some other ways we can use these books such as pen organizers. In the links below you will find the tutorial on how to make a pen organizer from a phone book but you can easily adapt this to a code book. Another idea is cut your favorite codes out and use them to make a coding bracelet. You can even roll up the pages to make a cool coding book wreath to decorate your cube, desk or office!
Whatever 2019 brings you we hope you have a great new year and we hope to see you at HealthCon! And if you make any of these projects send us pics on Facebook or Instagram and tag #aapc!

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