Message From Your Region 7 Representatives | January 2019

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  • January 24, 2019
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Take Control of Stress
Sandra Pedersen, CPC, CEMC, CPMA

Robert A. Kiesecker and Sandra Pedersen | Region 7 – Mountain/Plains

Professional lives and personal lives can both be stressful at times. We all feel the effects of stress every day: too much work to do but not enough time to do it, people letting us down, important things breaking down, etc . Often, we cannot control the stressors in our lives completely, however, we can control how we react to these stressors. By staying as healthy and productive as we are able, and by appreciating the good things in our lives, we can reduce the effects of stress.  Here are some steps I recommend:
Define the problem:  I am a person who likes to write things down. For me, the thought process that it takes to define the issue while writing it down often brings clarity.  What are the things that are causing you the most stress?  Write down five of these and begin to think them through.
Make a plan: Would reducing your work load or other activities help? Is there a way to do one of your obligations in a less stressful manner? Would learning a new specialty allow you to improve your job situation? Would it make you feel good to do something to help someone else out?  Decide which changes you could make that would improve your life.
Take it one step at a time:  Keep your expectations reasonable. Changes work best when performed one step at a time.
-If your goal is to be healthier, make one small change today (eat your vegetables for lunch every day).  In a few days, add another change (start with 5 push-ups and add one every day).
-If your goal is to improve your job, decide what education, certifications, or experience might help you get where you want to be, and find one new change to make today.
-If you wish to have a better relationship with someone, set small goals for how to get to know this person better.
Take care of yourself:  It is very important to honor yourself by making sure you have time to do the things that make you happy. If you love to draw, set aside time to take a new drawing class, or take a trip outside to draw something from nature. Get a massage, or take a long walk along a river. For me, gardening is one of the things I love. It keeps me active and happy, and it is difficult to be stressed when I am digging in the dirt, listening to the birds and seeing the flowers grow. Maybe for you it is yoga, learning a new skill, or planning a trip to a place you love.
Make an Appreciation List: It is well known that one of the keys to happiness is to be thankful for the good things in your life. Today, take the time to make a list of what means the most to you. Include your favorite family member, friend, pet, etc…  Are you thankful for your job, your good health, your home? Most of us have more than we even realize.

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