Officer Training is in Full Swing!

By now you should have heard from us several times about training for 2019 officers. All officers, whether repeat or first-time servers, should participate in officer training because of changes within the past several months. And you probably know that we have restructured the officer training a bit. All these sessions are being offered in live virtual format, are on different days, and at different times, and are both during the week and on the weekend. We’ve tried to offer a wide variety so everyone will be able to join. These virtual sessions last 2 hours. We hope you’ll pick a date from the following list, note the date and time, and then use the link to join live. No pre-registration necessary and 150 seats in every meeting!
If you’re one who enjoys the more comprehensive in-person sessions, we will be hosting a limited number of trainings based upon the proximity of our current board members to the locations. As these are scheduled, invitations will be sent out to the officers in the surrounding chapters. Some of the locations are: Tucson, AZ; Jefferson City, MO; Sioux Falls, SD; Des Moines, IA; Appleton, WI; Richmond, VA; Plattsburgh, NY; Indianapolis, IN; Florence, KY; Charlotte, NC; Winston-Salem, NC; Des Plaines, IL; Rockford, IL; Broomfield, CO; Providence, RI; and Haverhill, MA. We are also working on sites in Florida, northern California and west L.A. Watch for additional sites or feel free to contact Ruby Woodward

02.01.19 F 6 pm ET, 5 CT, 4 MT, 3 PT 
02.02.19 SA 10am ET, 9 CT, 8 MT, 7 PT 
02.02.19 SA 1 pm ET, 12 CT, 11 am MT, 10 PT 
02.03.19 SU 3 pm ET, 2 CT, 1 MT, 12 PT 
02.05.19 TU 7 pm ET, 6 CT, 5 MT, 4 PT 
02.06.19 W 9 pm ET, 8 CT, 7 MT, 6 PT 
02.07.19 TH 7 pm ET, 6 CT, 5 MT, 4 PT 
02.09.19 SA 10am ET, 9 CT, 8 MT, 7 PT 
02.09.19 SA 1 pm ET, 12 CT, 11 am MT, 10 PT 
02.12.19 TU 8 pm ET, 7 CT, 6 MT, 5 PT
02.13.18 W 1 pm ET, 12 CT, 11 am MT, 10 PT 
02.16.18 SA 11 am ET, 10 CT, 9 MT, 8 PT 
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