Project Xtern is Available to Help with Work Experience!

AAPC is aware of the needs of its recently certified coders and is seeking opportunities to help them gain work experience by partnering with employers to provide externships in the fields they’ve trained so hard to enter. As an officer, you undoubtedly have apprentice coders at your meetings that could benefit from this program. You also may be aware of facilities that are willing to participate by making opportunities for externships available. So, what can you do to help?  First, you can help get the word out by making announcements in your chapter meetings about opportunities to host externs and the opportunities to work as an extern.
Hosting Externs
In the program, employers evaluate work habits and abilities of extern participants. The length of each externship and any possible compensation are to be determined by the facility, dependent on the facility’s situation and diverse employment laws. The program is fully HIPAA compliant. There are no requirements for employers to hire the extern. Should you decide to participate, you’ll be able to preview the extern’s work in advance and select or reject applicants should any positions be available.
Participating as an Extern
Participants must be current AAPC members, hold an active AAPC credential, and have a desire to learn about real-world medical coding in a supportive work environment while giving a potential employer an opportunity to see you in action.
For more information on participating go the Resources page of AAPC’s website and click on Job Experience/Apprentice Removal. To register as an extern site, click on the online application form.

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