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Payment Schedule for Quarterly Reimbursements

AAPC supports the local chapters by paying $2 for every AAPC member that attends meetings, and by paying $10 for every examinee proctored. This financial support or reimbursement is given to the chapters on a quarterly basis and is auto-deposited into the chapter checking accounts.  In order to receive this money, officers must supply information to AAPC.
 Officers must notify AAPC of the meeting attendance
Officers must go into AAPC’s online system and mark attendance at meetings each time a meeting is held. Attendance must be marked by 30 days after the meeting or the system will lock, and the meeting reimbursement will be forfeited.
 Officers must provide AAPC with financial information
Chapter treasurers must report financial information regularly to AAPC. Each month the treasurer should go online and input the financial information in the appropriate month and then upload the supporting bank statement. This should be done on a monthly basis. Required information includes:

  • The total amount of money earned in each month
  • The total amount of money spent in each month
  • The supporting bank statement for each month

This information should be reported monthly as soon as it is received but no later than the end of the following month. For example, January financial information should be reported as soon as the bank statement is available, but no later than the end of February. Failure to provide this information will result in loss of the earned reimbursement for that quarter, as outlined in the Local Chapter Handbook. Review the following payment schedule for details.
                                    Final Deadline to Upload Bank Statements
Quarters                      and Input Amounts Earned and Spent                   Receive Payment 
1st – Jan, Feb, Mar                  End of April                                                           May
2nd – Apr, May, Jun                End of July                                                           August
3rd – Jul, Aug, Sep                   End of October                                                    November
4th – Oct, Nov, Dec                  End of January                                                   February
Chapters are earning the 1st Q 2019 reimbursements now
In order to ensure your 1st Q 2019 reimbursement will be auto-deposited into your chapter checking account in May, make sure your January meeting attendance has been marked and be sure to input the January financial information by the end of February.

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