Bill Seeks to Advance Cancer Research into the 21st Century

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  • April 13, 2009
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Senator Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) and four additional sponsors introduced legislation (S.717) on March 26 that seeks to “modernize cancer research, increase access to preventative cancer services, provide cancer treatment and survivorship initiatives,” and more.

If passed as written, the “21st Century Cancer ALERT (Access to Life-Saving Early Detection, Research and Treatment) Act” would:

  • Establish a National Cancer Program;
  • Ensure comprehensive and responsible access to research, data, and outcomes;
  • Enhance focus and reporting on cancer research;
  • Promote discovery and development biomarkers for early recognition and treatment of cancer;
  • Provide Medicare coverage for routine care while Medicare patients are enrolled in clinical trials;
  • Guarantee benefits for retiring nurse officers to promote the workforce;
  • Amend section 340A of the Public Health Service Act to ensure minimum care proficiencies of grantees;
  • Cover routine costs associated with clinical trials under Medicare; and
  • Enhance cancer survivorship and complete recovery initiatives.

Read this legislation’s full text on The AAPC will continue to update you with news on this bill as it becomes available.

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