MAYnia is Starting with a Contest in March and April

Gear up for MAYnia by participating in a contest during March and April! The top ten chapters with the highest percentage of attendees will receive additional door prizes which can be given out in May or in the future! More attendees in March and April means more opportunities to create excitement for your May event. At the beginning of every chapter event, you should:

  • Spread the word about the great things happening at your chapter – like information sharing, job announcements, education, networking, and recognition.
  • Explain what you’re accomplishing and how they can benefit by attending.
  • Ensure attendees always know about your upcoming events so they can save the dates.

Generate excitement now for MAYnia by reminding attendees in March and April about the promotions, deals and freebies available every to all attendees at your MAYnia meeting. Emphasize the importance of not missing out, especially in May!
Contest Rules
The top ten chapters with the highest percentage of attendees relates to in-person meetings only; seminars and virtual meetings are ineligible. Be sure to mark attendance at your meeting immediately to ensure your chapter is eligible. Prizes will be sent as soon as attendance is available.

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