CPC-I Becomes “Approved Instructor”

CPC-I Becomes “Approved Instructor”

AAPC provides many curriculum opportunities to its members for teaching and licensing. In addition to the Certified Professional Coder (CPC®) credential, you can become licensed to teach the CPB, CIC, COC, CRC, CPMA, CPPM, CPCO, and coming soon, CDEO. With so many teaching opportunities, CPC-I is no longer an appropriate designation indicating AAPC instructor approval.

Instructor Opportunities Abound

AAPC certified members may now apply to become an AAPC Approved Instructor and complete an instructor course and proctored exam for any of the nine credentials listed above. Upon passing the course, presentation, and proctored instructor exam, you will earn the Approved Instructor designation, which you may append to your other credentials.

Example: Ellen Roosevelt, CPC, CRC, CPMA, Approved Instructor

You need only complete one AAPC Approved Instructor course, not multiple courses for each credential. As an AAPC Approved Instructor, you may license and teach any credentials you have already earned that are in good standing. For example, Ellen may license and teach the CPC, CRC, and CPMA based on current credentials and Approved Instructor status. Earning additional credentials further expands your licensing and teaching opportunities.

Instructor Requirements Are the Same

Approval and maintenance processes remain the same for Approved Instructor as were in place for CPC-I: Approval requires completion of an online instructor application and proof of at least five years of relevant experience. Upon approval of the application, successful completion of online education modules, a critiqued oral presentation, and proctored instructor exam are required for Approved Instructor status.

Approved Instructor maintenance requires completion of eight continuing teaching units (CTUs), submitted by Dec. 31 each year. CTUs are managed in the CTU tracker, which is available through your member account, and are in addition to your CEU requirements.

Learn More About Being an Instructor

This is an exciting and needed change to the AAPC instructor program. For questions or inquiries about the approval process, please email educationpartners@aapc.com.

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  1. Bonnie Blazevich says:

    This is very exciting, so excited

  2. Jean says:

    How might one obtain the CTU’s? Is this something AAPC offers through their webinars?


    Good evening. I am very interested in becoming teaching certified. I know since I have only 1 yr work experience I must wait until I have 5. But in the mean time, what is the process once I have done so?
    Thank you

  4. Angela M Thompson says:

    What class must o take to be approved to teach CPC?

  5. Rebecca Sallmen says:

    Good Morning, I would really love more information. My email is

  6. Rebecca Sallmen says:

    I would like more information on becoming an Approved Instructor.

  7. Rebecca Sallmen says:

    I was wanting more information on becoming an Approved Instructor. I am really interested.

  8. Victoria Jackson says:

    Hello, I am interested in becoming an Instructor with AAPC. Please send me information.

    Thanking you in advance
    Victoria Jackson

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