The Speakers Bureau is Available

Hopefully you’ve received it from your regional Board of Directors representative. This is a wonderful resource for chapter officers. With all the technology available today, we are hoping you can take advantage of this information and widen the scope of presentations at your meetings. If you have access to get online and project on to a screen, you could sponsor a live chapter meeting and have a virtual speaker. The speaker’s bureau is a list of 22 speakers and the 116 topics on which they can present. Email addresses are available for the speakers, so you can easily contact them about speaking to your chapter. There is no charge for these speakers, and they all have access to a meeting platform whereon your members can register for the meeting.
There are several things to note and remember.

  • Although the speaker is virtual, the attendees are in person, so this is not the same as a virtual meeting.
  • Submit the request for CEUs in the same fashion as you request CEUs for all other chapter events.
    • Speakers do not request CEU approval for chapter events.
  • Speakers must be seen by all attendees.
  • You should allow time for questions and answers at the end of the presentation.
  • This information will soon be available on AAPC’s website in the Resources and Policies area.
  • More speakers’ names will be added to this list.
    • If you are aware of a speaker willing to present at no cost, please notify us so we can share this information with all.

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