It’s Reimbursement Time

Reimbursements for sponsoring meetings and hosting exams are paid quarterly from AAPC into the chapter checking accounts according to the following schedule:
Meetings are held in the  following quarters:                                                               
1st Q – Jan, Feb, Mar
2nd Q – Apr, May, Jun
3rd Q – Jul, Aug, Sep
4th Q – Oct, Nov, Dec
These are the deadlines to mark attendance:
1st Q – April 30th
2nd Q – July 31st
3rd Q – October 31st
4th Q – December 31st
Online deposits are made in chapter bank accounts:
1st Q – Middle of May
2nd Q – Middle of August
3rd Q – Middle of November
4th Q – Middle of February
Unfortunately, there are chapters that won’t be receiving their 1st quarter reimbursements because they have not input profit and loss information or uploaded bank statements for January, February and March. You must go online today and ensure that the income and expenses are on the profit and loss statements for each month, and that the bank statements are there for each month also.

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