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Forgot to Check the Box? Specialty CEUs are Still Awarded!

Specialty CEU awards are very valuable to your members. Ideally, as officers, you are aware of the particular specialties held in your chapters and you have directed your presentations to help your members fulfill their tracker requirements. However, when requesting CEUs on your applications, please keep in mind that requesting only begins the process of specialty review. Each presentation is issued different specialties based on the topic, its educational broadness or level, the expertise of the presenter and the justifying information provided. The justifying information should be entered in the detailed goals portion of the application or can be an added as an attachment to your application. This information should include any subtopics that will be taught that are needful education to code/bill a particular specialty.
However, occasionally there is a lack of justifying information or possible human error during the submission or the review process. Therefore, the CEU team is always available to re-review an event for specialty CEUs if alerted that a meeting qualifies but was not awarded. Many times, just providing additional information is all that is needed.
Our CEU team hopes to work with officers to award as many specialties as possible.

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