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It is hard to believe that another year has gone by and that my term as chair of the AAPC Chapter Association Board has come to an end.  Many of you have returned from another successful HEALTHCON where myself and the other members of the board had the pleasure of networking with you.  For others we have had the honor and pleasure of interacting with you through officer training, chapter meetings, chapter visits and by presenting at your local chapter meetings or seminars.  This board of 16 volunteer members has worked diligently since HEALTHCON 2018 to enhance our presence to our officers and has put our officers and chapters as the highest priority.  Through the efforts of this team we have provided recognition to each of our 2018 officers with a certificate of appreciation.  We have reviewed all of the resources on the officer resource page to update them with current information, providing speaker notes for the presentations and adding to the list of resources.  Although much of this is not yet visible on the website, it is coming.  Over half of our chapters had all or nearly all of their officers participate in officer training, including many chapters who have not previously participated.  In addition to officer training we will be offering a leadership/professionalism webinar to all of our officers in an upcoming quarter.  We have increased communication with our newly formed chapters as well as our longstanding chapters.  We have increased social media participation by the officers to provide them with another mechanism to network having over 1000 of our officers participating with that number growing weekly.  We are finalizing an educational webinar for our exam proctors and are finalizing recommendations for additional incentives for our officers who have taken the minimum required a step higher.  And lastly, we instituted an Officer of the Year program to recognize a chapter officer who exemplifies leadership and member priority.  I would like to thank each of the members of the chapter association board, particularly those who have completed their term in 2019: Randee Herner from Weston, FL, Melody Irvine from Loveland, CO, Sherri McDow from Sacramento, CA and Stephanie Moore from Seacoast-Dover, NH.  A sincere thank you also goes out to Marti Johnson, Director of Local Chapters and Carolyn Hambleton, Local Chapter Coordinator for their support and leadership. Although I am leaving this board with a heavy heart, it is with great pride in our organization, our members, our officers, our chapters and the members of the chapter association board that I hand the reigns over to the 2019-2020 AAPCCA Board Chair, Cindy Stephenson.  It has been an honor to have served you, our officers and our members, over these last four years.
2018-2019 Chair, AAPC Chapter Association Board of Directors

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