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May MAYnia Was Successful (As Usual!)

  • 94% of all chapters participated in MAYnia either by sponsoring a seminar or hosting a meeting
  • *11,730 members attended meetings (*Information available to date)
  • 387 meetings were held
  • 72 seminars were held

To raise excitement for MAYnia we sponsored contests in March and April. We are proud to spotlight the eight chapters that had the highest attendance percentages, and especially happy to share that two of those chapters, Hattiesburg Mississippi and Elkins West Virginia, had highest percentages in both March and April. Congratulations go to them and all the officers of these chapters for their efforts in hosting such worthwhile educational meetings for their local members!
Hattiesburg Mississippi
Merrillville Indiana
Elkins West Virginia
Hyannis Massachusetts
Hattiesburg Mississippi
Elkins West Virginia
Allentown Pennsylvania
Norfolk Nebraska
Blackstone Virginia
All these chapters were sent a box of AAPC spring tumblers to use for door prizes and gifts for all members!
All chapters can be winners of the May MAYnia contests, if they increase their attendance in 2019 over 2018. Those chapters that do will be sent a “Meeting in a Box” which is educational material that can be used to help with a last-minute meeting cancellation.
And there’s still more! The two grand prizes for May MAYnia will go to the chapters with the most guests (non-AAPC members) attending their meeting or seminar. These chapters will have a guest speaker come to their chapter sometime in the future.
The deadline to be eligible to participate in this contest is June 15th, so officers, mark your attendance immediately, if you have not yet done so. If you held a seminar, there is nowhere to mark seminar attendance online; you must email your attendance sheets to Do not mail meeting attendance sheets, meeting attendance must be marked online in order to be eligible.
Thanks again for a great month in May. We appreciate all who participated.

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